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Tiger Appeal

21st Century Tiger - Giving tigers a future 2012 appeal

Amur tigerIt’s not hard to understand why the tiger is the world’s favourite animal, they’re charismatic, immense, beautiful,fiery and inspirational.  

What’s difficult to comprehend is that they’re at breaking point, with less than 3,500 wild tigers left throughout the whole of Asia.

Tigers have been over hunted, lost their habitat and now are being poached at an incredible rate.

Recent research states that it’s possible to reverse this decline by focusing commitments on protecting tigers at defined priority sites, supported by proven best practices of law enforcement, wildlife management and scientific monitoring.  

Help us to support projects that do just that!

How you can give: 
By PayPal, our  21st Century Tiger - Giving wild tigers a future 2012 Appeal

 or by Credit Card on 020 7449 6444. 

Previous Appeals   

Berbak Firefighting Appeal September 2011

£1,000 is needed urgently to support fire fighters in Berbak National Park!

  • Donations by cheque made out to 21st Century Tiger/ZSL
    (please write Berbak Firefighting Appeal on the envelope)
    21st Century Tiger
    Zoological Society of LondonBerbak map showing where the fires are spreading
    Regent's Park
    London NW1 4RY 
  • Donations by PayPal (please send an email to 21stCenturyTiger(at)zsl.org saying that you would like the money to go to this appeal).
  • Donations over the phone by credit card on 020 7449 6444. 

Donations will pay for supplies and equipment for a ZSL team to spend a week of concentrated fire fighting.

Berbak National Park, home to a crucial population of wild Sumatran tigers, has been under threat in recent weeks from fires around its edges. These fires, are thought to be started by farmers for land clearance and to lower the acidity of the peat soil. It is this peat that makes these fires so difficult to control.

Cultivation in areas of peat soils can result in the peat drying out.When dry, it becomes a high energy fuel and in the case of Berbak National Park, fuel which is in places over 10 m deep. Because of this, peat fires do not just burn like other forest fires, where trees and lianas provide most of the fuel for the fires, but the peat itself burns with the fire moving underneath the forest and deep underground making it extremely difficult to extinguish.

Underground fires are very hard to predict where the fire is moving, often fires reappearing on the surface hundreds of meters away from the original fire hotspot. The combination of these factors make peat fires one of the most difficult types of fires to combat, often resulting with them burning out of control for several months.

 ZSL Fire along a roadsideFre teams at work Berbak September 2011Fires Berbak 2011

 ZSL, whose project "Tackling Crime in Berbak" is funded by 21st Century Tiger, is working with the local park authorities to monitor the situation and are putting forward suggestions for practical steps to make sure that the situation does not become a regular event.

In 1997-98 the wild peatland fires from Sumatra and Borneo burnt for almost a year and released enough carbon into the atmosphere that it was equivalent to over a third of the world’s carbon emission for a year, directly contributing to climate change.

 Read a report from ZSL on the work so far 

21st Century Tiger 2010-11 Appeal 

Amur tiger - www.eye-of-the-tiger.com

The Chinese ‘Year of the Tiger’ began in February 2010. It has been 12 years since the last Chinese 'Year of the Tiger'. Since then it is estimated that wild tiger numbers have halved to fewer than 3200.    

We can stop this decline if we act together now.
Please help us give them a future.   

How you can give: 
By PayPal, at our our special JustGiving 21st Century Tiger 2010 Appeal page, or by Credit Card on 020 7449 6444. 

Throughout the 'Year of the Tiger' 21st Century Tiger will be involved in fundraisers and events, for more details see our  dedicated 2010 Year of the Tiger page. 






Highway Appeal - 26th of May 2009

21st Century Tiger is appealing for funds to ensure adequate wildlife protection measures are implemented on a new highway in India. 

© DH News Service

Nagarahole and Bandipur Tiger Reserves in India have some of the highest tiger and prey densities anywhere in the world. Three major roads pass through these reserves and have had a serious negative impact on one of  India’s most critical wildlife habitats. A local government initiative proposes to upgrade the road from Mysore to Mananthavadi to an expressway.  

A local newspaper article showing a tigress killed by a truck in Nagarahole.

WCS-India plan to instigate research to study the proposed measures to find out if they will be effective, identify natural wildlife crossroads and determine whether existing culverts can be used as wildlife underpasses and suggest design and location changes as necessary. 

Please help support this critical research now.

£3,700 is needed for the entire project. 

Send your donations to 21st Century Tiger. You can donate through our website by PayPal; or you can send a cheque to 21st Century Tiger, c/o ZSL, Regents Park, London. NW1 4RY, making it payable to ZSL/21stCenturyTiger and marking it ‘Road Study’ on the reverse; or you can pay by Credit Card on 44 (0)20 7449 6444. Thank you. 

Read more

Snow fall in the Russian Far East - Urgent Appeal - 6th of February 2009

Amur tiger prey species are starving due to heavy snowfall in the Amur tiger's range in the Russian Far East.   Snow cover has reached a depth of more than a metre in many areas, making it very hard for local ungulate species  (wild boar, roe deer, red deer, sika deer, musk deer and goral) to migrate, find  food, and escape poachers. Besides starvation, poaching is a serious threat, as animals cannot escape poachers in the deep snow.

An emergency relief effort has been organised and anti-poaching teams have increased their patrol frequency and have started to provide fodder to ungulates in secure arePhoenix ranger in deep snow Jan 09as.
However, we urgently need additional funds to sustain the emergency relief effort and purchase additional ungulate fodder.
Please send us your support by sending a cheque marked “21CT deer feed emergency” and made out to ZSL/21st Century Tiger to:
21st Century Tiger
Zoological Society of London
Regent's Park
London NW1 4RY

This appeal raised £1000 which was sent to assist the emergency relief effort clearing snow, counting ungulates and distributing food in Udege Legend National Park. Thank you all who answered our urgent plea so promptly. See the full report

21st Century Tiger Sumatra Earthquake Appeal - October 2007

In mid September the Bengkulu coast of southwest Sumatra suffered major shocks over the magnitude 7.  It has been estimated that as many as 10,000 homes and other buildings may have been damaged or destroyed. 

Kerinci-Seblat National Park is a World Heritage Site and the areas rocked by the quakes contain vital habitat for the critically endangered Sumatran tigers.  As so many homes have been destroyed the need for timber for reconstruction is likely to put serious pressure on forest resources. If this illegal logging takes place, not only would ecosystems be at risk but poachers would be likely to follow the loggers into the park.    

Despite the earthquake and over 46 strong aftershocks, the FFI team continues on with their crucial anti-poaching  patrols. Just one week later, regardless of having homes to be rebuilt, a ranger team carried out the arrest of an renowned tiger poacher. This individual is known to have killed 30 tigers. To illustrate how effective this arrest may be one only has to look back to 2002 where for the two years following another important arrest, no tigers were recorded as lost in that district on account of poaching. 

FFI need funds to restructure and carry on their   outstanding projects, to repair the buildings and to get on with what they do best...protecting the Kerinci Seblat National Park and its precious wildlife.  

You can help 21st Century Tiger support this work through our website (PayPal) or by setting up a standing order, making a credit card donation by phone or sending a cheque to ZSL/21stCenturyTiger marking your donation: Sumatra Appeal. Thank you.  


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