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Giving wild tigers a future
Raising funds for wild tiger conservation since 1997

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Latest blog entries:

  • Where it all starts... - 4th of September 2012

    Insight into where it all begins for a project from the one and only Debbie Martyr in Kerinci....
  • How to join The Tiger Team. Or Not. - 2nd of April 2012

    Debbie Martyr reports from the project field (FFI Kerinci Seblat tiger Protection Project 2000-2012)on what it takes to be part of The Tiger Team...
  • Into the Jungle - 3rd of March 2012

    Eric Ash is currently on an internship for Freeland Foundation and is working on the Protecting tigers project that 21st Century Tiger supports in the Eastern Forest Complex in Thailand. His recent blog documents how he has been working with rangers to deploy camera traps around the forest reserve. Originally published by Eric Ash on 'He who walks with tigers' BlogSpot.


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Sumatran Tiger cam trap photo


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