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Phoenix. Environmental education and outreach in the Russian Far East 2003 - 5

rescued injured Amur tiger cubProtection and Outreach

Primorye in the South of the Russian Far East represents the only area in the world where both Siberian / Amur tigers and leopards still exist in the wild. In spite of a relative stabilization of the tiger numbers, the striped predators still face many threats: they are being poached for their pelts; human encroachment, habitat destruction, and prey depletion drive tigers to human settlements and endanger lives of both man and tiger. To strengthen conservation of the Amur tigers, their habitat and prey and ensure long-term survival of the tigers in Primorye, Russian Far East, the Phoenix Fund run a project that combines public and state law enforcement activities, environmental education and outreach.  

 Law enforcement activites:

In 2005 two public environmental investigation teams continued anti-poaching activities in the north of Primorye. From January 01 through December 31, 2005 public rangers in cooperation with wildlife managers, police officers, forest service staff and Inspection Tiger rangers conducted over 100 patrols in Pozharsky, Krasnoarmeisky and Dalnerechensky districts of Primorye. 

Besides anti-poaching activity, the public rangers continued working on educational projects including. conservation-oriented seminars and  a series of lectures to secondary schools of Ignatievka, Fedoseevka, Pozharskoye, Verkhny Pereval and Nagornoye villages of Pozharsky district. The lectures covered such themes as radio tracking, conflict tiger cases, human behaviour in tiger habitat, Far Eastern leopard and its population, CITES etc, and included games, video-films, and photos.

In the North of Primorye the Western wildlife managers' team, part of the Hunting Management Department,  operate carried out extensive antipoaching activites in the area rich in wildlife. Recently, the area has become a hotbed for setting up logging practices and trade due to its proximity to the Chinese border. 14 illegal weapons were confiscated and 75 people were arrested in connection with illegal activities.

Education and Outreach:

In the north of Primorye, education and outreach activities included  the support of the Tiger eco-centre in Novopokrovka Town, where during 2005 the teacher carried out over 136 eco-classes and over 300 children visited the eco-centre.

In  the Krasnoarmeisky and Pozharsky districts experienced educators gave presentations to schools and clubs and over 3,000 children attended over 200 eco-classes and obtained ecological knowledge on rare and endangered species.

Tiger Day Festivals

Celebration of the Tiger Day Festival is a wonderful tradition in Vladivostok that started in 2000 and has now spread to become an International Tiger day with events happening around the world. In the Russian far east, festivals were held in Luchegorsk city, (Pozharsky district of Primorye), in Novopokrovka town, (administrative centre of Krasnoarmeisky district) and the largest being in Vladivostok on 25th September which included a carnival procession that drew over 5,000 people.









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