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General Operating Support for Phoenix Fund 2007 - 08

DreamworldThis fully-funded grant from Dreamworld, supports the the work of  Phoenix,

a Russian conservation NGO founded in 1997 by a group of Russian and U.S. specialists.


Primorye in the Russian Far East is a biodiversity hotspot where highly endangered Amur tiger and leopard still exist in the wild. Phoenix has been successful implementing conservation projects and raising funds for them, but securing funds for organization has been a difficulty. To continue its successful conservation projects Phoenix needs support for its specialists.

Since that time Phoenix has grown into in internationally recognized organization. Phoenix is a member of ALTA (Amur Tiger and Leopard Alliance) and its representative it the Public Council at Russia’s Regional Nature Use Control Department and is responsible for coordination of all anti-poaching activities in the south-west of Primorye, the only Amur leopard habitat and important place for Amur tiger. To date, Phoenix has been serving as a catalyst for local governments, government law enforcement agencies and other NGOs. In coordination with other agencies, Phoenix implements an effective long- term biodiversity conservation strategy in the Russian Far East.

By providing a year general support this grant aims to strengthen Phoenix as a key environmental NGO in the region and help it ensure a safe future for the endangered Amur tiger and leopard in the region through combination of environmental law enforcement, habitat protection, education, outreach and other conservation activities. 

The Phoenix projects coordinators work on every-day basis with anti-poaching teams, educators and eco-centres, visit projects sites all over the region, ensure collaboration between the agencies, contact authorities and local people, transfer funds, write reports, press releases and articles and solve arising problems

During 2007-08 the aim is to;

  • Increase capacity of the Phoenix Fund to conduct conservation projects; 
  • Increase biodiversity protection and awareness of local people on threats to the endangered species survival;
  • Strengthen coordination of conservation activities in the region;
  • Expand environmental educational and law enforcement activities

Sergei Bereznuk served as a Deputy Director of “Inspection Tiger” anti-poaching brigade that included several teams, and was responsible for personnel management (26 people), coordination of the projects, financing and budgeting, fundraising and contacts with the state authorities, NGOs and mass media. Since he joined the Phoenix Fund in 1999, first as a Projects Coordinator and shortly afterwards as a Director, Phoenix grew into a leading NGO in the region. Our conservation projects range from anti-poaching, fire-fighting and habitat protection to environmental education and outreach and we have over 60 sub-grantees (people that are involved in our projects). In May 2006, Sergei won an international Whitley Award for Nature in London.

This is a fully funded project.



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Amur tigers at Colchester Zoo 2010


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