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Save the Amur tiger for future generations 2005

This project from Wildlife Foundation aimed to increase knowledge of young people about Amur tiger conservation and its habitat through education.

 The project resulted in establishing close ties with 25 schools in Bikinsky, Vyazemsky, Nanaisky, Lazo and Khabarovskii rural district. They arranged special lessons in tiger protection and organized 25 broadcasts at schools. The Wildlife Foundation received a number of children works: drawings, placards, essays, compositions. 600 winners were awarded with gifts.

School teachers were actively involved in the process of tiger conservation. They  worked not only with the pupils but also with their parents and distributed 3000 copies of tiger conservation leaflets.

An Environmental Field School was set up for schoolchildren at the age of 12-17 years old and classes were held through out the year. 123 pupils and 10 schoolteachers received practical skills and knowledge in the issues of the Amur Tiger conservation.    

 The Environmental Field School provided pupils with information about the Amur Tiger’s life and issues around protection. The children had an opportunity to see the unique nature of the Far East, its great biodiversity of flora and fauna. Thanks to the guides, the children have learnt about 70 species of trees, 25 species of flowers, 15 species of grass on the routes.

After studying at Environmental Field School the schoolchildren are able to:

  • orient in natural environment by themselves;       
  • recognize plants and animals;       
  • recognize tracks of the wildlife including the Amur tiger;       
  • avoid human/tiger conflict;      
  • understand the ecosystem links and the tiger role in the ecosystem;       
  • understand various kinds of anthropogenic impacts on nature and the Amur tiger habitat;       
  • understand the principles and techniques of the Amur tiger and its feeding objects;       
  • put out fires in the forest.

In the course of environmental education various techniques were used: lectures, excursions, thematic excursion, talks, collection of materials, work on the environmental route, competitions. The Wildlife Foundation has arranged 8 excursions for children to the zoo and Forest museum.

At the end of September 2005, the Wildlife Foundation together with the colleagues from the zoo organized a holiday in tiger’s protection for about 600 children and their parents. 

Mass media was involved in the process of public awareness and dissemination of information about the Amur Tiger. A press conference with local journalists was held about the last results of tiger monitoring (winter 2004 - spring 2005) and a press release on tiger monitoring was distributed. Articles about the Amur tiger appeared in local newspapers.   



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