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Environmental education and outreach in the Russian Far East 2006

Protection and Outreach

Primorye in the South of the Russian Far East represents the only area in the world where both Siberian / Amur tigers and leopards still exist in the wild. In spite of a relative stabilization of the tiger numbers, the striped predators still face many threats: they are being poached for their pelts; human encroachment, habitat destruction, and prey depletion drive tigers to human settlements and endanger lives of both man and tiger. To strengthen conservation of the Amur tigers, their habitat and prey and ensure long-term survival of the tigers in Primorye, Russian Far East, Phoenix Fund run a project that combines public and state law enforcement activities, environmental education and outreach. 

This 2006 resulted in:

Enhanced protection of the habitat for Amur tigers and their prey.

  • In 2006, two public environmental investigation teams and Western wildlife managers’ team conducted over 160 anti-poaching patrols. For the reported period 238 environmental violations were revealed. The rangers confiscated 73 illegal rifles, 52 fishing nets, 42 traps, 40 snares and other poaching devices.

Increased awareness of the local people on importance of wildlife and habitat conservation:

  • From January to December 2006 over 6,000 children attended 274 ecological lessons, performances, round tables, conferences and festivals in Pozharsky and Krasnoarmeisky districts of Primorye.
  • Over 10,000 people participated in Tiger Day Festivals in the cities of Primorye. In 2006 three towns joined the holiday celebration: Partizansk, Lazo and Terney.

Increased awareness of conservation issues amongst official agencies, government, the local community and the wider conservation environment.




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