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Amur tiger Education and Awareness 2004

The purpose of this project is to increase awareness and education to improve the overall conservation effort for the Amur tiger by:

  • Improving access to Amur tiger information      
  • Increasing media interest both local/national and international       
  • Involving local people in protecting the environment by creating an ‘Education Resource’ for use in schools, children’s clubs, zoo education departments and eco-centres in the Russian Far East and through-out wider Russia.
In the past AMUR’s partner organisation Phoenix has worked hard to create tiger educational material. Some of this now needs updating and adding to with a more comprehensive ‘Education Resource’ to be made available in the Russian Far East and wider Russia using the hubs of the regional zoos to disseminate information to schools.  It is important to broaden out our educational campaign to wider Russia because decisions that affect tigers are taken 1,000s of miles away in Moscow and St Petersburg.  It is vital the level of knowledge/understanding about tigers is improved in wider Russia to increase support for conservation from Russians themselves.  Recent events have demonstrated the lack of a modern tiger teaching resource in Russian schools.  Zoos taking part in the EAZA and EARAZA tiger campaign have been given posters paid for by AMUR and Moscow Zoo, but each zoo only had a few copies.  Now that they have seen modern quality and up to date information they are desperate to have more materials to use and to share with local schools.  We therefore aim to create a comprehensive Teaching Resource which is developed not only for use in the Russian Far East but wider Russia and Russian communities in Europe.



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Tiger Animals in Art

Animal and art lover Joanna Skipwith has produced a wonderful book about tigers, with the aim of raising awareness and money to help protect them from extinction in the wild. £5 of the purchase price if bought through our site goes to support 21st Century Tiger wild tiger conservation projects!


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