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Tiger Project Archive

IFAW runs a project in China that directly appeals to children encouraging them to think positively about wild tigers.This archive from the old 21st Century Tiger website represents our work from 1997 until 2012.

More recent projects can be found at www.21stcenturytiger.org

Active Projects In China

Saving the Majestic Tiger - China 2010-12

Tigris. Amur tiger conservation in China 2004 - 05

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Active Projects In India

Combating the Asian big cat trade 2011-12

Recovering wild tiger populations through habitat consolidation 2010

Engaging India to build a constituency for tiger conservation

Reducing wildlife mortality due to roads in the Nagarahole-Bandipur corridor.

Recovering wild tiger populations through habitat-defragmentation 2008

WCS. Threat reduction to tigers 2007 - 08

WCS. Presentation of the study tiger habitats and integrated conservation 2007

S.Gubbi. Evaluating changing attitudes to tiger conservation 2006

WCS. Tiger habitat consolidation, Kudremukh Reserve, India: 2006

Supporting local advocacy for tiger conservation 2006

WCS. Community leadership, India 2000 - 06

Investigation into poaching and illegal trade 2000

Support for Sariska 1999 - 2001

Bengal tiger conservation programme, Madhya Pradesh 1998

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Active Projects In Indonesia

Monitoring tiger population trends in Kerinci Seblat 2010-11

FFI travel grant KGTW

ZSL. Tackling Crime in Berbak 2009-12

ZSL. Mapping tiger conservation values in Eastern Sumatra 2007 - 09

ZSL/WCS. Rapid quantitative assessment of tigers in southern Sumatra 2006 - 07

ZSL. Coexistence between tigers and other large mammals and industry 2006 - 07

Monitoring tiger population trends in Kerinci Seblat 2004- 08

Curbing wildlife crime in Sumatra 2003 - 05

Ranging patterns in Sumatran tigers 2003 - 04

Prevention of local extinction of tigers 2001

Tiger Rapid Evaluation Team 1997-9

Trade 2001

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Active Projects In Malaysia

MYCAT. The Malayan tiger conservation programme 2006 - 07

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Active Projects In Russia

Anti-Poaching Activities in Northern Primorye 2010-11

Support for Udege National Park 2010

Amur Tiger Conservation in 2010

Amur Tiger Conservation 2008

The Khabarovsky Team's Anti-poaching Activities of Inspection Tiger 2007 - 10

General Operating Support for Phoenix Fund 2007 - 08

Western Wildlife Manager's Team 2007 - 2011

Environmental education and outreach 2007

Environmental education and outreach in the Russian Far East 2006

Phoenix. Fighting for the Minds 2005

Siberian tiger project 2005 - 09

Phoenix. Amur tiger conservation in Verkhnebikinski wildlife refuge 2005 - 06

Save the Amur tiger for future generations 2005

Winter Survey 2005

Amur tiger conservation in Verkhnebikinsky Wildlife Refuge 2004- 05

Amur tiger education and awareness 2004

Amur tiger Education and Awareness 2004

Fire-Fighting in Amur tiger habitat in the Russian Far East 2003

Phoenix. Environmental education and outreach in the Russian Far East 2003 - 5

Mediating conflict between tigers and people 2002 - 03

Inspection Tiger 1999 - 2000

Amur tiger protection programme

Amur Tigers and Far Eastern Leopards; Research, Training, and Capacity Building 2009 - 10

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Active Projects In Thailand

Protecting Tigers in Pang Sida National Park 2010-12

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This website is an archive site holding project and news archives for 21st Century Tiger

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